Ophthalmic Assistant Course Registration Form

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Course info


* Information of participating Ophthalmologist.

Dispatch Of Study Material

* Please provide the details of the person who will collect the parcel at PostNet.
* Please provide us with ONLY a PostNet address of your choice.

Student Communication Details

* Only for Tutorial Letters and Assignment Purposes.

Ophthalmologist Communication Details

* A confidential email address is needed where the Ophthalmologist are the ONLY person who have access to this email address (for the purpose of your Final Assessment Papers).

Please note

* Final Assessment dates are set in advance and will be communicated with you in a tutorial letter. Plan your study programme according to this set date.

* No refunds will be made once study material has been dispatched.

* Students cannot be replaced by another student once the course commenced. The student who signed up upon registration must complete the course /or discontinue from the Short Learning Programme.

* All students must submit a copy of their ID or Passport with submission of the PROOF OF PAYMENT.

* I acknowledge and understand the above information.

Contact Details - Course Administrators

Soekie Wybenga
Administrative Officer
Training Department
E-mail address: training@eyeinstitute.co.za Tel no: (012) 427-0178
Banking Details
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: 012345
Account: OVSA/ OSSA Business account
Type: Cheque account
Account nr: 012791962
Reference: Name of student & OA1 or OA2