Dr. Eduard Sevenster

Eye Specialist / Ophthalmologist

About Dr. Eduard Sevenster

Dr. Eduard Sevenster, B.Sc., M.B.Ch.B, MMED (Oph).

He qualified as a general practitioner in 1979 and then served as a medical officer in the SAMS until 1991

He completed his Ophthalmology training in 1991 and started practicing on the Natal South Coast. He has been in private practice at the Pretoria Eye Institute since 1997.

With his 29 years of experience it enables him to provide excellent care to patients. His interests are general ophthalmology, cataracts, cornea and refractive surgery.

Get In Touch

  • 012 343 8021
  • praktyk@drsevenster.co.za
  • Suite 223, Pretoria Eye Institute, 630 Francis Baard Street, Arcadia, 0083
  • B.sc., M.B.Ch.B, M.Med (Oph) - Uiversity of Pretoria
  • Optholmologist - 1991-2019
  • Cataracts and refactive surgery.
  • Corneal diseases + ocular surface disorders.
  • Keratoprosthesis.