I-Care: Huis Davidtsz

Huis Davidtsz is an Old Age Home for self-sufficient needy persons. It is an eight storey building situated in the centre of town. There are 200 residents and the age group range from 20 to 100.

The majority of the residents are elderly, but they accommodate residents afflicted with various illnesses. Some of the residents are wheelchair bound, bed bound or mentally handicapped. Some of them were homeless, some were injured in accidents and others had strokes.

We aim to assist with the quality of life of these persons.

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The Huis Davidtsz residents wishlist is available on noticeboards throughout the Pretoria Eye Institute building. If anyone wishes to make a donation to this home, please contact: Janene Dias 012 427 00 00

To Give is to Receive,To give is not always a
financial contribution, but sometimes it’s just,
Time, Love and Care.